Nutmeg Education launches a Teacher-sharing platform, promotes its launch in Rhode Island with thousands of dollars in prize money.

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Providence, Rhode Island (May 18, 2012) — Teachers spend countless hours creating instructional resources, assessment tests and remedial resources to help educate our children. Nutmeg Education, LLC recognizes that teachers could use some help. Monday, May 21, 2011 Nutmeg Education launched, a site that allows teachers to share their work and collaborate with other teachers on a national scale. By combining their efforts, teachers can both save time, money and implement the best tools the teaching community has to offer.

Nutmeg is holding their “Lesson Plan Submission Contest” in Rhode Island to attract the first users to the site and to start building the “Lesson Plan Network” through the contest. The contest will reward Rhode Island teachers for the quality and quantity of their work, as well as provide monetary incentives to school districts that have high levels of participation.

Teachers are encouraged to learn more about the contest, explore the website, and begin submitting their lesson plans, can visit The three components of the site allow teachers to share their best ideas, lesson plans, and resources via the Lesson Plan Network, administer short formative assessments and identify where students are struggling through the Collaborative Assessment Builder, and provide those students with the relevant remediation resources through the Remedial Education Center

The platform comes at the perfect time with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative, a state-led plan to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, and consequently, what they will be tested on by their state. Forty-five states are now on-board with the Common Core State Standards, so for the first time, millions of teachers can have confidence they will be covering essentially the same curriculum, making the benefits of national teacher collaboration even more salient. As founder Jon Modica points out, “teachers everywhere put in countless hours of work creating lesson plans, assessments and remedial resources. Why reinvent the wheel every day?”

Not only is the Nutmeg’s platform easier to use than the existing lesson plan sharing websites, Nutmeg distinguishes itself from its competitors with the addition of a Collaborative Assessment Builder and Remedial Resource Center to compliment its Lesson Plan Network. As co-founder Teddy Hills explains, “Our platform is unique because we are the only one that provides instructional resources, assessments, student performance data, and online remediation tools, all in one place. Because these components inform one another, by combining all three, we have created a program that is more than a sum of its parts. This interconnected system is a fundamental necessity in classrooms, yet no program to date has utilized this crucial process.”

Worried about the quality of the resources on the site? Nutmeg’s also got that covered. The platform allows teachers to rate the content on the site, so actual teachers serve as the much-needed quality control to ensure that the best resources available are easy to find.

“Through, we are committed to helping teachers better educate and improve our students’ achievement,” Teddy explains.

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