Ability to attach custom files to teacher observations just one of the exciting enhancements to the observe4success platform
ST. PETERSBURG, FL – January 15, 2013 – observe4success, a leading provider of classroom observation and walkthrough software is thrilled to announce that it has kicked off 2013 with numerous exciting product enhancements to its fully customizable teacher observation platform. In its never ending quest to provide districts with the most relevant observation solutions, observe4success listened to the needs of administrators nationwide, responding with a number of enhancements to its platform. These enhancements include the ability to upload files (pictures, audio/video recordings, excel files, documents, etc) and attach them to a relevant observation, enhanced communication functions within the platform, as well as additional data analysis and trend identification options for district administrators.

Building on the solid foundation established in previous versions of its observation software, observe4success continues to solidify its place in the K12 marketplace by focusing on the needs of districts today, while anticipating and meeting the needs of tomorrow. This user-friendly software system allows users to create and quickly customize their own observation forms and record, store, sort, and analyze data gathered to identify trends. These trends are displayed in aggregate graphic reports. Keeping robust simplicity at the heart of the observation process, observe4success has increased the value and reach of its solution with the addition of these exciting new features.

Administrators have indicated that the ability to upload files as ‘evidence’ or ‘supporting documentation’ is crucial for the success of the observation and feedback process. This feedback is the centerpiece of the most recent enhancements. The ability to upload and attach files to any observation gives the observer an opportunity to include any/all relevant data in an observation. If a photo was taken to show an exemplary word wall, a teacher provided their lesson plan as a guide, or a video recording was captured to allow specific review of questioning techniques, they can be attached to an observation, offering even more relevant feedback while giving credence to a follow up discussion.

Additionally, observe4success has streamlined its email communication system. This simple feature allows the user to add text to the body of an emailed report, providing the opportunity to schedule a follow up conversation about the observation or add additional thoughts. The uploaded files can also be attached to a given emailed observation for added information.

Another option for both school and district administrators to make constructive use of observation data collected is the ability to sort data by department in addition to a single teacher, grade level, or entire school. The department reporting allows department heads to identify trends within their team and better direct professional development decisions and collaboration efforts.

Abby Sterensis, Vice President, observe4success comments, “We have always felt that as a smaller company we have a distinct advantage, setting us apart from the rest of the market. The open lines of communication with our customers and internal team structure and approach to development keep us agile and truly allow for immediate action based on market feedback and customer suggestions. These are both crucial and invaluable assets in this time of rapidly changing classroom needs.” Sterensis adds, “District needs vary greatly, so by listening to the marketplace we have the ability to take action when it is needed. Since implementing these enhancements, the feedback we have received has been extremely positive!”

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