Nutmeg Education helps give students a voice.

Orlando, Florida (September 5, 2012) —We’ve all heard a lot of rhetoric over the past two weeks at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, but as usual, something’s missing when legislators and education leaders discuss education: the student’s voice.

That’s why got in touch with two Orlando high school students who were fed up with the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and helped them produce a video explaining their concerns. The student video, released today, is called “The FCAT Show.” It criticizes the inconsistencies in the Florida Board of Education’s decisions about the FCAT and the huge impact the test has on students’ lives. View the video here: education-helps-support-fl-students-fcat-video/.

The students, Tea’a Taylor and Maelynn Perez, are aspiring film students and call themselves “Education Revolution Productions.”
“The students need a voice, because no one’s really telling their side of the story,” explained Ms. Taylor.

“We were thrilled to help these students speak out about the FCAT” said Nutmeg Education founder Jon Modica. “State assessments affect school funding and teacher salaries, but at the end of the day, state assessments have the biggest impact on students.”

Nutmeg Education funded the project and connected the students with Kevin Steen (, a professional cinematographer who worked with the students pro bono.

Orange County School Board member Rick Roach, an outspoken critic of the FCAT, highly-acclaimed educator Laurin MacLeish, and Ms. Taylor and Ms. Perez all made appearances in the video. Mr. Roach also made a cameo in the amateur video the students made for their film class earlier this year, “How FCAT Affected My Life”. has devised a totally unique way to use teacher-created resources from across the country for student assessment and intervention. The new platform, created for teachers and students, is designed to help ease the burden of data collection and preparation for standardized tests, all for free.


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