A unique approach to school security: Bulletproof whiteboards?

Hardwire’s new bulletproof whiteboard is an instructional tool that doubles as a personal protection device.

What’s lighter than a typical whiteboard, will stop multiple rounds of ammunition, and is 2.5 times stronger than Kevlar? According to Hardwire LLC, a company specializing in ballistic protective solutions, it’s the company’s new education whiteboard.

The whiteboard, which is only a quarter of an inch thick, reportedly can stop multiple rounds from a .44 magnum and above without any ricochet. It also can be used to charge an assailant, or as a floatation device. Could it help boost school security?

“It’s handheld and lightweight, even lighter than most whiteboards,” said George Tunis, CEO and chairman of Hardwire. “The more armor we add [to the classroom], the safer we make it.”

Tunis said the whiteboard, inspired by the Sandy Hook tragedy, is an instructional tool that doubles as a “personal piece of protective equipment.” Leading the product’s development is John Skuletich, a former teacher and retired Secret Service agent, after 25 years in the field.

Watch the CNN video below, and then tell us what you think: Can this product help keep students and teachers safe?

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Meris Stansbury

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