Brea, Calif. (Jan. 22, 2013) – With nine out of ten U.S. children playing electronic games, and more than 52 percent having played educational video games,1 Ballard & Tighe, Publishers, a leader in instructional and assessment materials for English language learners, is providing an educational game that is relevant and engaging to students. Its newest offering, Word Raider: Escape, is a modern day video game aimed at helping elementary students learn academic vocabulary in an innovative way.

“Game-based learning continues to show results in getting students engaged in their education,” said Mark Espinola, CEO of Ballard & Tighe, Publishers. “Nearly three-fourths of administrators believe digital content increases student engagement.2 The data illustrates a growing need to adapt classrooms and teaching strategies to address new ways to engage students in learning.”

Surveys show that students are interested in trying fresh learning techniques such as game-based learning. In 2008, 51 percent of students, grades 6-12, indicated that games make it easier for them to understand difficult concepts, and 46 percent said they would learn more about a subject if it were presented in a game format.3 The positive response from students and educators on Word Raider: Escape is supported by research. Games provide a perfect vehicle for learning and assessment, and game research argues that fun from games arises from mastery.4

“With Word Raider: Escape, student engagement is entwined with mastery of academic vocabulary,” said Espinola. “Games are particularly good at assessing mastery without players ever knowing they are being tested.”

Ballard & Tighe’s development of Word Raider: Escape was influenced by other research, including:

  • 50 percent of administrators say digital content helps personalize instruction.5
  • One-third of students said the use of video games in schools will help them learn how to work in teams and

see the direct results of their problem solving activities.6

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