ODYSSEYWARE releases Writer instructional aid to improve writing outcomes with practice and revision. New educational resource encourages practice and revision to improve writing proficiency.

ODYSSEYWARE, one of the leading publishers of online curriculum for students in grades 3-12, has recently released ODYSSEYWARE Writer, a new instructional aid for teachers and students to create focused and differentiated writing instruction.

Writer is a web-based diagnostic, skill building, and instructional tool aligned with Common Core English Language Arts Writing Standards and scoring rubrics. ODYSSEYWARE Writer provides feedback to students throughout the writing process regarding spelling, grammar, readability, and overall proficiency. This targeted feedback allows students to revise and practice their skills based on specific information. As an added benefit, this tool also enables documentation of student growth and differentiation of instruction.


Applies six proven writing analysis indices for accurate scoring
Examines topic consistency, grammar, spelling, and word count
Provides instant feedback, encouraging students to revisit and revise until they’re satisfied
Encourages practice
Enables targeted, student-specific instruction by teachers
Improves teacher efficiency

Committed to providing curriculum that is relevant, a learning management system that is robust, and a high level of service to schools across the country, Writer has been integrated into ODYSSEYWARE at no charge to users.

There is no substitute for one-on-one instruction by a good teacher. With that in mind, ODYSSEYWARE is committed to creating innovative next-generation tools–like Writer–that streamline the administrative process, opening up more space for teachers to teach.

Discover ODYSSEYWARE Writer for yourself – together we can make a difference!

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