Sycamore Education, a leading provider of online school management and student information systems, announced today that the company has expanded their client base into 30 countries. This milestone occurred with the addition of Hope Academy, located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Hope Academy looked at many options before settling on Sycamore Education. “The administration of an international school is a unique challenge,” said Dr. Bob Collie, Director of Hope Academy. “At Hope Academy we need a complete administrative system that enhances our ability to communicate, support our staff and students, interact with parents and other schools, and house our student data. We also want the ability to access a day-to-day summary of student progress that includes overall results, graded and upcoming assignments. Sycamore is that system,” Dr. Collie concluded.

When Sycamore Education was introduced over a decade ago, their client base was centered chiefly in the Midwest. Within a few years, Sycamore Education had clients all across the United States, and they were already receiving a significant number of inquiries from international clients. Sycamore Education is now a recognized leader when it comes to student information systems, with an established presence in Germany, China, France, Canada, Japan, and Argentina, and 24 other countries.

Sycamore Education is an online school management software solution offering over 200 seamlessly integrated features, including a comprehensive student information system, learning management system, grade book, integrated email client, accounting and payment management, online parent portal, and course scheduling. Sycamore Education is unique in that it was designed to be a single solution to manage an entire school, and the system is entirely cloud-based.

About Sycamore Education
Sycamore Education’s corporate headquarters is located in Fremont, Nebraska. Sycamore Education combines deep experience, expansive features, and low total cost of ownership into a complete online school management and student information system. Sycamore Education serves clients in 47 states and 30 countries. More information can be found at, or by calling 866-757-4968.

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