Bridgeway Academy’s Violin Supergirl Faith Rowan to Appear in SC Youth Philharmonic February 10th
8-Year Old Makes First Violin and Leads Fund Raising Effort to Support the Youth Orchestra

(January 28, 2012) Allentown, PA – Bridgeway Academy announced today the high achievements of one of its younger students, Faith Rowan of Columbia, South Carolina. Eight-year old Faith sits on the First Violins of the SC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra led by Morihiko Nakahara, and will be performing in a concert on February 10, 2013.
Faith will also be honored on stage for her diligent fundraising efforts to keep the Orchestra from reducing its programming during tight financial constraints. After presenting her fundraising monies to the Orchestra, she will be performing several complex compositions with other music students of the high school level and above.
Currently, Faith homeschools with her brother Harry through Bridgeway Academy of Catasauqua, PA, and is working through curriculum several years above her age level. Jayne admits that homeschooling though Bridgeway has provided them with the flexibility to pursue Faith’s passion for the violin and move through academic subject areas at Faith’s own speed – which is allegro!

About Faith Rowan
As a mere toddler, Faith’s interest and passion became apparent to her mother Jayne. “Faith overheard her brother’s friend practicing his violin one day, and I had never seen such a rapt look on her face as in that moment,” said Jayne. Faith Rowan is so driven that she will listen to a piece that captivates her, and then fastidiously study every aspect of it so that she can emulate it perfectly. This was the case last summer when she heard David Garret play ‘Humoresque’ on a program Jayne had recorded for Faith and her younger brother to watch.

“Faith was so in awe of what she saw she decided she wanted to play it herself,” described Jayne. “She practiced for hours trying to vibrato the piece like David. Her music teacher was bombarded with questions, and she would get me to search YouTube so she could look at the master’s technique.”

Humoresque became Faith’s audition piece for the South Carolina Youth Orchestra. Faith was overjoyed to get her place in the first violins last September. Jayne remembers, “Faith told me “I waited all my life for this” after her first performance with the Youth Orchestra.”

Faith’s mother and pediatrician have voiced concerns about the effects of the limelight at such a young age. Jayne feels that many exceptionally talented or gifted young children become overworked and lose a sense of who they are. “Faith becomes bored very easily, and it is difficult to keep her challenged creatively. She honestly just gets tired. Sometimes, I bring along a ball of modeling clay so she can work on her sculpting and just take a break from the violin. She loves art too.”

About Bridgeway Academy
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