DURANT, OK. – Gabbart Communications, LLC opens TCEA 2013 on February 6, 2013 by introducing Common Core and TEKS now being integrated into their School Website Content Management Solution. Having trained school administrators and classroom teachers in over 200 school districts, we understand the challenges schools face in communicating with parents and the community. With over 80% of our trainers being former educators or married to one, they know firsthand that more and more work is being placed upon teachers. Gabbart Communications continually strives to help meet their needs by helping reduce challenging tasks to save educators time.

With a couple clicks of a mouse, teachers can add Common Core or TEKS standards directly into their lesson plan. The lesson plan, with their embedded standards, is displayed on the school website as a Classwork Calendar. Assignments, handouts, and study guides can also be attached to the lesson plans. Homework and assignment calendars can be subscribed to or emailed to the principal, parents and students. “Today’s students have never known a world without the Internet. Blended learning occurs when the classroom and electronic platforms come together to reach them. Our website solution allows a non-technical teacher to quickly share information, communicate, and facilitate on-line learning.” stated Teddy Gabbart, Founder of Gabbart Communications.

Gabbart’s Priority One E-Rate funded CMS solution meets the needs of the most non-technical teacher through the most advanced webmaster/graphic artist. Their simple website solution, which includes everything, including on-site teacher training and personalized support, has made them the fastest growing school website company in the central US. Gabbart does not mandate multiyear contracts. Mr. Gabbart believes that if their website isn’t the easiest to use and their support isn’t the best, a school should use someone else. Over 99% of their school districts have renewed their annual contract every year.

Members of the press are welcome to come by TCEA Booth 2435 to receive a demonstration of their latest technology. Please contact Teddy Gabbart, President at cell phone (580) 916-2490 or at teddy@gabbart.com for more information.

About Gabbart Communications, LLC
Gabbart Communications, LLC was founded in 2003 by Teddy Gabbart as a network management company for many school districts in Southeastern Oklahoma. To meet a need for school districts to maintain their own website, Gabbart Communications introduced their website CMS solution in 2007 to one school district. Within 2 years, Gabbart Communications was the largest school web hosting company in Oklahoma. Gabbart now provides websites to over 200 school districts in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. More information can be found at www.gabbart.com.


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