Available now, the Flipped Institute is an expert online resource for educators learning to flip their classrooms. MediaCore is the creator of a video learning platform that anyone at any institution can use to create a multimedia library for their students.

As teachers face growing pressure to update their teaching methods through greater use of technology and digital media, they can be overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the tools, as well as numerous online sites already available. At the same time they may be challenged to find ways to spend more individual time with students while personalizing the teaching to accommodate different learning styles and specific needs their students may have.

The Flipped Institute helps teachers meet these challenges through its support of the flipped classroom model, free resources, expert coaching, and the ability to practice these techniques using a free video learning platform. Specifically, it offers

• Free resources, including How-To, tips and techniques, and a flipped classroom video for students, parents, or anyone new to the concept
• An AsktheExpert blog, where experts post responses to teachers’ questions
• Free teacher accounts for hosting educational videos, podcasts, and related documents securely online
• Access to a 30-day flipped classroom coaching program delivered by Greg Green, principle of America’s first flipped high school

The new site, flippedinstitute.org, is a collaboration between MediaCore and Greg Green, principal of America’s first flipped high school. Currently serving over 500,000 students at 300+ schools and universities worldwide, MediaCore’s video learning platform is used by learning institutions as diverse as The Royal Veterinary College in London and Sacred Heart R.C. Primary School in Bolton.

Based on teacher enthusiasm and positive results from his own school, Green created an online program that everyone can participate in. This program includes thirty lessons, allowing teachers to pace themselves by mastering one component per day. All of the online content as well as a discussion board are available for an additional sixty days. Additionally, an AskAnExpert blog responds to questions posed by teachers while putting the concepts into practice.

“The availability of free resources, coaching on the principles and practical aspects of the various technologies used in flipped learning, combined with a media platform where teachers can host their materials using free accounts, makes it easy for any teacher to get started,” says Green.

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MediaCore’s video learning platform is the fastest way to easily capture, manage and share video securely and privately. Currently serving over 500,000 students at 300+ schools and universities worldwide, the platform includes everything you need to create an amazing media library: free Capture apps for iPhone and iPad for recording, uploading and sharing video directly from your iOS device, browser-based video uploading from Windows and Mac PCs, an easy-to-use Media Library for hosting multimedia and related content, plus free Educator accounts and advice from our Educators-in-Residence to help you get started. Simple. Fast. Powerful.

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