State College, Pennsylvania, February 5, 2013 – Nearly everyone owns some kind of handheld device today, whether tablet, smartphone, or laptop. And the growing shift to mobile means those small screens are impacting the success of K-12 school websites in a very big way. Schoolwires is helping districts meet the demand for mobile access with a new app available for download from iTunes® and Google Play®.
The Schoolwires Mobile App, available in March 2013, works with the Schoolwires Centricity2™ content management system. The Mobile App gives districts the capability to offer their communities quick and easy access to the district home screen, announcements, headline news and information, calendar of events, and lunch menus via smartphones — including the Apple iPhone and phones using the Google Android system. Districts also can choose to brand the Mobile App to match the colors, fonts, and logos of their websites.

“People simply expect access to information on their handheld devices,” said Christiane Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Schoolwires. “Having a mobile app demonstrates that districts care about communicating with their communities and understand the importance of keeping pace with technology.”
Schoolwires partnered with San Diego Unified School District in 2012 to develop a customized mobile app that provides access to the district’s news section, an address and telephone listing for all schools, a staff directory, and links to the district’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The app is currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play.
“People access information on their smartphones and other mobile devices in different ways than they do on computers,” said Bernie Rhinerson, Chief of Staff, San Diego Unified School District. “By providing an app that people can download on their phones, we are offering more functionality and convenience. These are the downloadable apps that people are used to; there’s no learning curve and the pages load quickly.”
Schoolwires newest Mobile App rounds out a series of solutions geared to help K-12 districts improve their mobile Web presence. The company also offers a Web App that when activated in Centricity2™ provides smartphone users with immediate access to the district website, without the need to download an app on their device. Using the Web App, districts can leverage the apps they are already using in Centricity2. Districts can choose from 12 standard mobile themes or pay an additional fee for a custom theme with colors, font, and logo to match their website. The Web App is designed for districts that want to provide a mobile solution quickly and cost effectively to their entire K-12 community.

Districts can further improve the Web experience for their mobile users with Schoolwires’ Responsive Web Design templates, which provide an optimal viewing experience on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices with only a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. Responsive Web Design can be added to Schoolwires gold or platinum design templates for an additional fee.

Schoolwires’ mobile offerings are designed to support the K-12 community’s demand for up-to-date information on school news and events when on the move. “Mobile is now the norm for accessing information and communicating,” emphasized Ms. Crawford. “Districts that want to remain relevant need to make their websites responsive to mobile devices. We’ve created a family of solutions so that districts can meet their communities’ expectations for information anytime, anywhere.”

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