February 1, 2013 – The Professor Garfield Foundation, (an educational initiative of Paws, Inc. and Ball State University), and FTC Family of Companies, are pleased to announce their partnership in integrating the Professor Garfield “G-Cubed” game as part of the Teacher Gaming Network platform. As educational partners, PGF and FTC have transitioned PGF’s extremely popular G-Cubed game to become the newest game available through the Teacher Gaming Network – where all content in the game is customized by the teacher and supports content in all curriculum areas.
“I love to see an innovative approach to teaching, and the game play created by the Teacher Gaming Network is the epitome of the perfect convergence of entertainment and education,” says Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis. “One of the objectives of the Professor Garfield Foundation is to provide teachers with materials and methods that stimulate the learning process; TGN takes it one step further, giving teachers a tool that allows for customization specific to their curriculum,” said Bob Levy, a member of the board of directors for the Professor Garfield Foundation.

The Teacher Gaming Network (TGN) is the largest online gaming network for K-12 educators, where they control the game content. The G-Cubed game is the sixth game theme offered through TGN, and the first as part of TGN’s expanding “Premium Content” packages. The G-Cubed game will be available to both TGN Basic users (free accounts for all educators) and TGN Plus users (subscription based) through March 31, 2013 – and at that time, will become a subscription based Premium game. All future subscriptions of the “G-Cubed Game Pack” will include access to Garfield certificates, posters, and other items for teachers to use in their class.
“We’re excited to be working with the Professor Garfield team and their G-cubed game. While the current G-cubed game is played by thousands of teachers and students from the PGF website, the opportunity to incorporate it into our TGN platform – where teachers can insert their own questions in such an interactive game format – was an easy choice,” said Michael Kessler, CEO, FTC Family of Companies. “During our 20 years in business, we have had several educational partners for various projects, but we have never had a partnership with such a well known icon as Garfield the Cat, and such a great support team as those at PGF”, he adds.

About the Professor Garfield Foundation

The Professor Garfield Foundation was founded by Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis and Ball State University to create digital education and entertainment with a primary emphasis on children’s literacy. The FREE website, www.professorgarfield.org is a fun interactive online environment where children can safely explore, learn and creatively express themselves. The Foundation (PGF) was formed in 2003 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to provide children, parents, and teachers an opportunity to enhance and support classroom learning in new and innovative ways.

About the Teacher Gaming Network
The Teacher Gaming Network (TGN) is the largest online gaming network for K-12 educators where they control all of the game content. TGN has five different question formats, including: True/False, Matching, Multiple Choice, List, and Short Answer/Fill In. Each game format has at least one corresponding game themes. There are two subscription accounts available; Basic and Plus. The Basic account is available FREE to all educators, and includes two question/game formats and unlimited use of the Community Feature – where educators are able to search through more than 7,000 questions and games created and shared by other educators within TGN. The Plus account includes access to all five question/game styles, the Community Feature, and an advanced Student Data Tracking system. Through the recently released API, other publishers/developers are able to create their games to run on the TGN platform. All games are designed around proven techniques to help motivate and stimulate student learning. TGN is owned and operated by the FTC Family of Companies.
About FTC Family of Companies

FTC Family of Companies (http://www.ftcomp.com) has been developing and publishing educational products and services for K-12 education for close to 20 years. From their leading MyVRSpot (http://www.myvrspot.com) online system for the hosting and sharing of user-created multimedia to their widely popular Teacher Gaming Network (www.teachergaming.net) to their FileBlimp system for cloud-based storage, FTC will continue to lead the way in developing affordable new technologies in support of K-12 education.

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