Alexandria, VA (02/06/2013)—ASCD is pleased to announce the release of Role Reversal: Achieving Uncommonly Excellent Results in the Student-Centered Classroom by Mark Barnes, 20-year classroom teacher and creator of the Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE).

In this groundbreaking book, Barnes walks middle and high school teachers through the fundamentals of a ROLE. Results-only learning eliminates traditional practices—homework, worksheets, tests, and even grades—and replaces them with student-driven, yearlong projects that enable students to sharpen and expand their skills.

In Role Reversal, Barnes sets out to teach readers how to combine collaboration, the elimination of rules and consequences, narrative feedback, and project-based learning to create a truly student-centered, autonomous learning space. In this technology-rich and collaborative classroom, students are driven by choice. They yearn to learn and decide for themselves how to demonstrate content mastery.

Readers will learn how to build an environment where letter and number grades are made obsolete by ongoing, meaningful narrative feedback; assignments that call for rote memorization are replaced by empowering, yearlong projects; and the need to teach to the test disappears because students learn standards through authentic experiences.

“Role Reversal presents an approach that places students at the center of learning, giving them the power to attain meaningful outcomes,” said ASCD Executive Director and CEO Dr. Gene R. Carter. “This new book strongly supports ASCD’s mission to offer educators around the world practical, actionable insights from top innovators and thinkers in education.”

This book is available in print and e-book formats in the ASCD Online Store.

About the Author

Mark Barnes is a 20-year classroom teacher and creator of the ROLE, a progressive, student-centered classroom that eliminates all traditional teaching methods, including grades. While transforming his classroom into a ROLE, Mark has also revolutionized K–12 web-based instruction by bringing private student websites into his classroom as an extension of school into cyberspace.

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