News Highlights:
• Pitsco Education’s Individualized Prescriptive Lessons™ (IPLs) for math are now available on the Cloud, expanding student success in math beyond the classroom walls.
• The new browser-based delivery system enables students and teachers to access the courses from any computer, using any Web browser.
• iPad compatibility, available in March 2013, will give the added bonus of mobility to any IPL setting.
• Additional features include offline access and the ability to build courses customized to class needs.

News Release: February 4, 2013 – Pitsco’s Individualized Prescriptive Lessons (IPLs), with real-world threads; relevant storylines; and diagnostic, mastery-based lessons offer a new approach to algebra. Now, all 193 of the popular math lessons have moved to the Cloud, making them accessible any time, from any computer and any Web-based browser. The move gives teachers and students access to the lessons outside of school, ensuring learning continues even after the school day ends.

Additionally, all IPLs will be iPad compatible in March 2013, allowing more classroom mobility and giving teachers more one-on-one time with students.

The latest upgrade also includes two new features – customizable courses and offline accessibility – as an added convenience for teachers. Instructors will now be able to build their own courses, choosing only those IPLs needed for any given group of students, targeting specific learning gaps and avoiding unnecessary repetition of mastered concepts. The offline accessibility feature saves changes, even if a school’s Internet service is down, and updates the changes when Internet access has been restored.

Quote: “We developed IPLs to continue our tradition of offering students relevant curriculum that answers the question: ‘Why do I need to know this stuff?’ Many Algebra students have posed that question over the years, and we have answered it with our Signature Math solution and our Algebra Academy solution, which both utilize our IPL software. With the recent move to the Cloud, along with offering iPad compatibility, we’ve ensured all schools can successfully deliver our IPLs to their students. School districts looking for nontraditional ways to improve student achievement and classroom engagement would be wise to look at a Pitsco Education math solution.” – Matt Frankenbery, Pitsco Director of Education

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• For more information about IPLs in the Cloud, contact a member of our Sales Support Team by calling 800-774-4552.

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