CELT Selected to Manage Several Major SIS / IIS Procurements and Implementations

Marlborough, MA, February 12, 2013 – The Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT) is pleased to announce its participation in numerous large-scale student information system (SIS) and instructional improvement system (IIS) technology procurements throughout the country. Several state departments of education and school districts have retained CELT to assist with all phases of the procurement and implementation processes for SIS / IIS and other applications. CELT’s procurement and implementation support have included engagements with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the Hawaii Department of Education, the Florida school districts of Osceola County, Pasco County, Orange County, and Broward County, as well as Fort Worth Independent School District and Camelot Schools (TX) and Everett Public Schools (WA). In these recent projects, CELT is providing procurement leadership and capacity building through a thorough needs analysis, investigation and qualification of potential software systems, selection of the best fit for the learning organization’s needs, and management of the implementation process of the new system.

Using these new enterprise systems will enable educators and administrators to manage and utilize state, district, school, and classroom student and instructional information in real-time for improved student achievement and increased staff productivity.

“CELT has a proven practice in assisting education agencies with the procurement of mission-critical student information systems, instructional improvement systems, library automation systems, finance / human resource systems, and other administrative solutions. Advancements in SIS / IIS functionality have created a shift from systems that are used primarily by internal staff to systems that are used by external stakeholders as well. Since purchasing such systems is only done once every 10-15 years, most learning organizations may not have in-house experienced staff for this important work. CELT helps to focus, define, and maintain a level playing field as well as accelerate the procurement process with highly-qualified and experienced resources,” said Dr. John Phillipo, Chief Executive Officer for CELT.

CELT provides services that are uniquely tailored to K-12 learning organizations. CELT’s selection and procurement business spans more than 20 years of experience in educational technology and through an unbiased lens, with a variety of systems. Learning organizations often turn to CELT to guide them through the procurement and implementation process because a new system is a long-term investment that requires a comprehensive total cost of ownership approach that goes beyond installation costs, including integration with other data systems, ongoing training and support of personnel, and most importantly, business process improvements.

CELT works collaboratively with educational organizations to support and transform 21st century leadership, learning, and technology by integrating high-quality, mission-critical programs, services, and technology with the organization’s people and processes in the most timely, efficient, and cost-effective way possible.

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