How a flipped classroom flipped a student’s perspective

Under this new format, I was able to ask questions as soon as I got stuck. And I didn’t have to just ask my teacher- I could now ask someone else in the class, too. Suddenly, everything started to make sense. Rather than getting stuck on a problem at home and giving up when it became too difficult, someone in class was able to show me what I was doing wrong, so I could figure out the answer and master the topic.

This flipped teaching model allowed me to learn at my own pace and made a huge impact on my education. While watching my teacher’s lectures, if I didn’t understand something or needed to review for a test, I could simply rewind the video and watch it again. Almost overnight, my grades went from B’s and B-‘s- to all A’s. I began to understand complex problems that I never before grasped.

When I took the ACTs a second time after my junior year, I ended up scoring a 22 on the test! I was thrilled, and couldn’t believe how much I improved. With my new grades and ACT score, I realized that there were a lot of options for me beyond high school, and I would no longer have a limited future. I began looking at colleges and learning about academic scholarships.

I truly believe that the flipped classroom has changed my life, and opened many doors. This year has been a really exciting one for me: I have enjoyed thinking of what my education will bring in the next few years. I now have the potential to be anything I want to be, which, right now, involves accounting, business management, or health management.

Kylie McAuley is a 12th grade student at Clintondale High School, in Clinton Township, Mich.

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