Arlington, VA and Costa Mesa, CA – Imagine a world where students can seek expert advice from successful individuals in fields that interest them, and then map that advice to their own career goals and aspirations. Hobsons and Roadtrip Nation have partnered to help students build their own pathways to success by combining Naviance, the world’s leading college and career readiness platform for schools and districts, with the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive a collection of more than 3,500 videos interviewing accomplished individuals across hundreds of industries.

Finding the right career requires self-awareness and determination. Through this integration, more than 5 million students with access to Naviance Family Connection can now watch video conversations with hundreds of accomplished individuals – ranging from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to filmmakers, scientists, sports writers, entrepreneurs, political activists, and everything in between – on how they were able to overcome life’s challenges to reach their goals.

Roadtrip Nation Interviews, which are conducted by students for students, are grouped by career interest categories and themes such as fear, failure, risk, and determination. This allows students to connect with the content they identify with most, and hear stories from leaders who have overcome the very same issues they are facing. Educators can then leverage the tools within Naviance to help students map out their own paths to success.

“Roadtrip Nation has spent the last 10 years collecting stories from individuals who have defined their own roads in life,” said Mike Marriner, cofounder of Roadtrip Nation. “Now working with the team at Hobsons, we’re excited to share those experiences and insights with 5,000,000 students searching for their own paths.”

“By providing real-world examples of successful leaders who have overcome life’s challenges, students are able to find the motivation they need to reach their individual goals,” said Stephen M. Smith, president of Hobsons’ K-12 division. “With Roadtrip Nation integrated into Naviance Family Connection, students can access meaningful resources to inform their own personal, academic, and career decisions, while collaborating with teachers and counselors in constructing road maps for their futures.”

Hobsons is making the archive available at no cost to all Naviance Network members as part of their subscriptions.

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About Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip Nation started in 2001 when three friends decided to take a Roadtrip to figure out what to do with their lives. Today, Roadtrip Nation creates resources to help individuals define their own Roads in life: Including a public television series, books, an online content archive at, and educational curriculum for middle and high schools that is designed to empower students in exploring their unique identities and discover career pathways aligned with their interests.
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