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‘myCreate’ App Incorporates 21st Century Skills and Demonstration of Common Core Concepts

Stop-motion animation software allows students to demonstrate their understanding of educational concepts using iPads

BOSTON, MA, February 25, 2013 – The new myCreate app, offered by iCreate to Educate, allows students to easily express their ideas through the hands-on creation of videos. Using anything from classroom resources to household items, students demonstrate their understanding of common core content. Videos are then saved to personal albums and/or shared with educators, peers and family via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or HapYak, which lets you add personalized comments and drawings on the video.

The myCreate app brings to mobile devices the popular SAM Animation desktop software, prototyped by Tufts University researchers and brought to market through iCreate to Educate. Used in a variety of educational settings, the software fosters learning by allowing students to easily film scenes that depict concepts they have studied in school. “This app is absolutely amazing… It allows students to create a personalized storyline by constructing a physical story with tactile props, stop-motion, music and their voice,” wrote Naomi Harm, CEO at Innovative Educator Consulting. “It also reinforces the seamless infusion of technology literacy skill sets and meeting curriculum standards in a very motivating and engaged learning scenario.”

myCreate is designed for K12 students. Simple icons and navigation make it easy for students to film scenes and edit videos. Students can slow down or speed up delivery of frames, duplicate frames to lengthen scenes and add music or audio recordings to their video.

“Our software allows students to express their knowledge by easily designing and producing interactive stories and this app takes creation of stop-motion animation to another level by a simple touch of a finger with a portable device,” said Melissa Pickering, founder of iCreate to Educate and a former Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company. “The app helps us further our mission to engage all learners in the K12 classroom by using technology for content creation rather than consumption.”

Launched in June 2010, iCreate to Educate’s Stop-Action-Movies (SAM) Animation software allows students and teachers to capture still images from a webcam or camera on a mobile device that can be played back in movie form like a digital flip book. This innovative software furthers the education experience through hands-on exploration. SAM Animation is a classroom tool that has proven to help facilitate in-depth understanding of concepts for students. By having students plan, explain and create videos, they become authors and producers of their own knowledge, rather than passive recipients of classroom lessons.

To purchase the $4.99 myCreate app click here. To learn more about myCreate, visit and to learn more about iCreate to Educate, visit

About iCreate to Educate
iCreate to Educate engages all learners through simple tools that bridge hands-on exploration with digital creativity. Founded on university research, iCreate’s SAM Animation software and myCreate app offer easy-to-use stop-motion animation that provides the perfect blend of creativity, imagination and learning-by-doing for all children.


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