Districts excited about enhancements in Early Literacy+ Assessment tools for RTI in early childhood

Saint Paul, MN, February 28, 2013 – Early Learning Labs, Inc., a nationwide provider of early childhood assessment products and services, is thrilled to announce the second edition of myIGDIs (Individual Growth and Development Indicators) for Early Literacy. Built upon a solid foundation of research conducted by the University of Minnesota, myIGDIs Early Literacy+ is a data-based approach to screening and progress monitoring that has shown to provide a new level of effectiveness in evaluating young readers on their way towards becoming school-ready.
The first edition of myIGDIs, previously known as “Get it Got it Go!,” was originally developed through University of Minnesota research, led by Dr. Scott McConnell, in 1998. Since, myIGDIs have been used to assess over 180,000 preschool-aged children across more than 11,000 childcare settings. In response to the success and popularity of the original edition and the increasing demand for early childhood growth measures, Dr. McConnell and his team went back to the drawing board. The result was an extensive re-design based on user feedback and new innovations in test design frameworks.

“It is important that we are able to assess each child’s needs as they begin their educational journeys,” Dr. Kenneth Spells, Superintendent of Alton Community School District #11 says. He continues, “Our team is looking forward to start using the new myIGDIs Early Literacy+ measures as part of our Kindergarten Enrollment process. The data we collect will play a central role in our decision-making process for our summer intervention program and designing Kindergarten class lists.”

While myIGDIs Literacy+ retains many of the characteristics that made the original assessment so popular, the new measures are now:

· Quicker, easier and more reliable

· Better suited for identifying children who require additional intervention

· The first comprehensive set of early literacy measures explicitly designed and evaluated for use in early childhood RTI systems.

President Steve Johnson comments, “We are extremely excited about the latest enhancements to myIGDIs. The University of Minnesota’s research team listened to what users were asking for, and responded in force with myIGDIs Early Literacy+” Johnson goes on to say, “With Literacy+, parents, teachers and administrators alike can more easily and reliably evaluate the needs of children individually, and show/communicate their developmental progress over time.”

Additional enhancements that users will see within the latest edition of myIGDIs include, new comprehension & alphabet knowledge measures, completely revised picture naming, rhyming & alliteration measures, as well as seasonal screening formats with easy to interpret scores and benchmarks.

Learn more about the newest version of myIGDIs by visiting our website at www.myigdis.com or call 612-466-4980 to schedule a demonstration.

About myIGDIs:

myIGDIs, pronounced “my-ig-deez”, are a set of assessment indicators based on over a decade of research that allow early childhood educators and parents to monitor the growth and development of their young children. myIGDIs are currently the only RtI-oriented early childhood measures and have been used across over 11,000 school settings.

About Early Learning Labs, Inc.:

Early Learning Labs grew out of decades of research at the University of Minnesota. Early Learning Labs provides research-based solutions for assessing the development of young children. Formed through the collective creations of multiple decades of expertise, Early Learning Labs is dedicated to helping early childhood educators identify children at-risk of poor learning outcomes early and communicate development goals often.

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