The East Maine School District 63 in DesPlaines, Illinois recognized that they had an inadequate tracking system for HR and financial data and costs, which made it difficult to accurately control personnel costs and manage financial resources.
“To capture and report on personnel data we were almost totally dependent on paper records. Retrieving data and even tracking employee counts was not possible. From the financial side, we were using an outdated software system that made it nearly impossible to extract meaningful reports and ensure clarity,” according to David Bein, Executive Director of Business Services for East Maine School District 63.
To upgrade their HR and financial records system Bein entered into a relationship with Digital Schools, whose Digital Schools Suite|Plus application provides a robust and integrated functionality, providing the District with one core repository which hold, integrates, and maintain essential data within a k-12 district to help measure, manage and control resource-related expenditures with exacting budgeting and tracking tools.
“A real benefit is the strength of the position control module,” said Bein. “Electronic work flow, automated processes, ensure that all time sheet transactions are both authorized in advance of work performed, and that time is charged to the right account steam. This means even extra duty and substitute time is accounted for and billed correctly.”
With the new application, East Maine today has flexible payroll/finance capabilities that provide firm control of its employee count and payroll.
On the financial side, East Maine will have better access to financial data so it can produce more timely and accurate reports. With the better interface, click-throughs give easy access to data retrieval and more transparency.
While the District has been using human resources and position control functionality for some time, they are wrapping up the financial and net payroll implementation. With full integration, East Maine expects to see immediate benefits in General Ledger, Journal Entries, Purchasing, Receiving, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Vendor Management.
“With today’s pressure to reduce district costs, we now have the toolset to manage every aspect of the business office,” noted Bein.
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