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WebTeach.com is a cloud-based teaching platform designed to empower educators and learners of all ages and stages. Participants can create and engage in best of class education experiences that can take place anywhere, anytime using virtually any web enabled device. WebTeach.com offers a straight forward approach to the sharing of knowledge making it an ideal tool for both teachers and students by allowing them to manage their own learning opportunities.

This video provides an overview of the features and benefits available for WebTeachers who decide:

• What subjects to teach

• When and how often you to teach

• How many students  to teach at one time   (1,2,25?)

• How much you want to charge

WebTeach.com’s cloud base solution is available at no cost to WebTeachers.  Functionality includes:

• Interactive whiteboards

• Screenshare documents, websites and apps

• Video + audio chat

• Record / review sessions

• Comprehensive dashboard

• Cloud storage for sessions

For more information visit www.webteach.com.

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eSchool News Staff