7. To This Day Project: Shane Koyczan. Koyczan, a 36-year-old spoken word poet, has attracted more than 5.5 million views of his anti-bullying animated talk. Read more here.


6. Richard Turere (age 12): My invention that outsmarted lions. Turere, who lives in Kenya, invented a light system that stops lions from killing herds. Read more here.


5. Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao: Breaking down plastics using soil bacteria. Wang and Yao, two Canadian teens, discovered a bacteria in their local river that can break down plastics, which could have a massive impact on eroding landfills. Read more here.


4. We Must Change the Culture of Science and Teaching: Freeman Hrabowski. Though Hrabowski’s talk isn’t yet available from TED, this video captures the basis of Hrabowski’s 2013 talk. Read more on his TED Talk here.


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