Costa Mesa, CA – March 4, 2013 – As a result of great success in the United States and the Netherlands, Symbaloo has expanded SymbalooEDU to Spain. Educators use SymbalooEDU to organize and share the best of the web with students and colleagues. As a free tool, SymbalooEDU, will help Spanish educators stay current with technology development in education while also helping them to survive the current budget cuts in Spain.
SymbalooEDU allows bookmarking of important websites along with the capability to share those resources with the entire school. Teachers and students are able to use content that has been curated by others, avoiding wasting endless time searching individually and running the risk of finding resources that may not be suitable. Of course, they can augment those choices with any of their own, making them sharable with others.
Symbaloo has chosen Spain because of their natural interest in integrating digital resources into the classroom. “We are thrilled to see how many enthusiastic teachers are already using Symbaloo in Spain. Supporting them with a dedicated version was an easy decision to make,” stated Klaas Lameijer, CEO of Symbaloo.
The SymbalooEDU content and training has been completely adapted for the Spanish Market. SymbalooEDU will enable Spanish teachers to get certified and set up their own PTE (Personal Teaching Environment) along with enabling students with setting up their own PLE’s (Personal Learning Environments). Symbaloo will launch a Premium version for schools in the coming weeks, allowing schools to customize the experience and provide easy access to school-selected resources in addition to an individual’s own selections. Experienced Spanish Symbaloo users are invited to use this premium free for 3 months during evaluations.
About Symbaloo
Symbaloo is available on any device. Settings are stored in the cloud, which enables automatic synchronization between the computer, smartphones, tablets and smartboards. Teachers and students have instant access to their important resources, regardless of their device or where they are. Symbaloo is free for both personal and professional use. It has no advertising or distracting banners on the site, so students can fully focus on what’s important. Symbaloo is an ancient Greek verb meaning ‘gathering’ ‘assembling’, reflecting the mission of the company. Learn more at

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