Perfecta™ 2400 Full Color Poster Design System Creates a Color-Rich Learning Environment

March 06, 2013, Plymouth, MN– Varitronics®, a national leader in education technology solutions used to enhance instruction through use of visuals and hands-on instructional aids, announced the addition of the Perfecta™ 2400 Full Color Poster Design System to the VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools product suite.

The Perfecta™ 2400 Plus Package, designed exclusively for schools, offers the most comprehensive and compact color poster design system available today. Its easy-to-use software is fully integrated with the rest of the VariQuest suite and contains thousands of instructionally relevant templates and graphics. It also includes the newly improved Design Center 2300, a touch-enabled workstation that serves as the central hub for all of the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools.

For decades, the VariQuest Poster Maker 3600 has been the most widely used poster printer in schools – used for a variety of instructional and communicational needs. Varitronics relied on its long-term commitment to schools and used customer feedback collected over the years to guide the development of the Perfecta 2400 – a full color solution complementary to the Poster Maker.

The Perfecta 2400 received raving customer reviews at the recent FETC Conference where many of the current VariQuest customers had a chance to see the new printer in action. Many have already invested in the Perfecta and plan on using it in conjunction with their other VariQuest tools to differentiate and personalize instruction for students of all abilities and learning styles.

“We decided to add the new VariQuest Perfecta 2400 to the rest of our VariQuest tools to save money by creating posters in house as opposed to costly outside vendors. We use VariQuest tools to create instructional supports and are excited about the expanded design capabilities of the full-color Perfecta 2400,” said Nakesha C. Bruno-Brown of Sweetwater Middle School in Gwinnett, GA.

About Varitronics, LLC
The company provides education technology solutions that help improve student achievement and classroom engagement through instructional differentiation and personalized learning experience. Varitronics’ product suite, VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools, includes the Design Center, Cutout Maker, Poster Maker, Perfecta™, Awards Maker and Cold Laminator, and is powered by proprietary VariQuest Software featuring thousands of curriculum-aligned templates, eDies and graphics designed specifically for schools. Together, VariQuest Visual Learning Tools allow students, staff and administrators to quickly and easily create customized posters, banners, manipulatives, cut-outs, award plaques, and stickers that help bring lessons and activities to life. For more information about Varitronics or VariQuest, visit

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