Name: Drawp

What is it? The first iPad app that enables children to create drawings and then share them with a single-swipe; no email, phone number, or screen name necessary. Using advanced technology to create dynamic paints, like Cotton Candy, Furry Flurry, or Mega Pixels, combined with the ability for children ages 3-11 to independently share their drawings with a parent-approved network, this is definitely not your average children’s app. It builds children’s creativity by removing the limitations of pen and paints and teaches children how to safely share information via technology. It was recently launched by Ana Albir, an MIT physicist and Stanford MBA, and Kunal Jham, Michigan alum and former Amazon Web Services engineer.

Best for: Children ages 3-11

Price: FREE

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Rated: 4+

Features: Kids can safely share with members of the parent-approved network using SimpleShare® technology; parents can showcase kids’ drawings on Facebook; allows online and offline accessibility, and multiple children’s profiles; ability to delete friends; dismiss button to clear everything from the screen but the canvas.



About the Author:

eSchool News Staff