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Patricia C. Ross
Roger Fiedler
McREL and Measured Progress
Join Forces to Support Teaching and Learning
Chicago, March 16, 2013 — McREL and Measured Progress are pleased to announce a partnership to provide educators nationwide with a comprehensive suite of curriculum, instruction, and assessment tools built for the transition to the Common Core State Standards. Through this collaboration, schools, districts and states will gain easier access to the combined strengths of the two organizations.
This cooperative effort is a reflection of the parallels between Measured Progress and McREL. Both are non-profit 501(c)3 companies dedicated to improving outcomes for students and teachers.
McREL is a private education research and development corporation that specializes in turning knowledge about what works in education into practical guidance and products for educators. McREL serves a wide array of clients across the United States and around the world, helping educators change the odds for success for all students.
Since its founding in 1983, Measured Progress has worked with 30 states, hundreds of districts, thousands of teachers, and millions of students through assessment programs that go far beyond filling in the bubbles. The company operates on the belief that assessment is more than just a score; it should be a roadmap that gives educators the guidance they need to adjust instruction and improve outcomes for both students and teachers.
“We couldn’t find a more like-minded partner than McREL,” said Measured Progress President Martin Borg. “By combining our respective areas of expertise, we will further our shared commitment to do what’s best for education by offering the highest quality tools and services tailored to address clients’ specific needs.”
Through the cooperative partnership, educators across the nation who are implementing the Common Core State Standards in their states, districts, schools, and classrooms can turn to McREL for guidance and professional development on high-quality curricula and instructional practices that support the standards. At the same time, Measured Progress offers educators “testlets” aligned to the Common Core Standards as well as the DATAWISE system to track, store, and analyze assessment results. The two companies will refer clients to each other, and will seek opportunities to produce joint webinars, conference presentations, articles and publications to help teachers and principals ensure their students are on track for mastery of the Common Core State Standards.
“Measured Progress, like McREL itself, is a research-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping increase student achievement,” said Tim Waters, president and CEO of McREL. “We’re pleased to be able to work together to offer educators the combined forces of our expertise and support regarding Common Core State Standards and their impact on teaching and learning.”
About Measured Progress
Measured Progress is a Dover, New Hampshire-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to student learning and improving instruction in the standards-based classroom. The organization develops state, district, and multi-state assessments and is a pioneer in alternate assessment for students with cognitive disabilities. In addition, Measured Progress offers professional development services and products to assist educators in creating and using assessment to measure student achievement and improve instruction. For more information, visit MeasuredProgress.org.
About McREL
McREL is a Denver-based, nationally recognized, private, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving education for all students through applied research, product development, and service. In addition to its Denver headquarters, McREL has offices in Honolulu, Hawai’i and Melbourne, Australia For more information, visit mcrel.org.

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