The most common titles, when it comes to school district IT leadership, are chief technology officer (CTO) and chief information office (CIO).

More than half of IT leaders—58 percent—report directly to their district superintendent.

Many CTOs have held their positions for more than six years, indicating that the job position is relatively stable.

Eighty percent of IT leaders are in charge of both instructional and administrative technology for central and school-based staff.

School district CTO salaries tend to lag behind salaries of comparable positions in the business field.

Thirty percent of surveyed IT leaders earn less than $70,000 per year, and 35 percent reported that they earn between $70,000 and $99,000. Thirty-two percent said they earn more than $100,000.

The three factors that carry the most weight in determining salary are geographic region, educational background, and the size of the school district. In the business field, CTOs tend to earn six-figure salaries more consistently than those in education.

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