3. Digital Passport

All educators know that the internet is a necessary tool for learning, but digital safety is still a topic most schools are struggling to teach. Digital Passport, a free learning program from Common Sense Media, and bronze medal winner of the 2012 International Serious Play Awards, provides web-based games and videos for third- to fifth-graders to help them develop skills in personal safety, respecting others online, and how to engage with the community. Lessons are collaborative, and students earn badges toward their Digital Passport. http://www.digitalpassport.org

4. Epic-Ed’s Epic-Schools

Innovation and improvement require learning and sharing with other schools, which is not always easy when you don’t know which schools are similar to your own or have overcome similar challenges. That’s why epic-ed has developed its School/District Profile Locator—a community-driven U.S. map through which you can provide important details regarding your district, and find districts with similar characteristics. Sharing resources and planning as a group is only part of what epic-ed can provide; collaborating with peers from across the nation is at the heart of its mission. With this mapping program, you no longer need to guess at which districts share your situation; you can identify schools by key implementation elements like BYOD/BYOT, tablet devices, classroom implementation, grade-level, implementation, and more. https://www.epiced.org/epic-schools

5. Explain Everything

Okay, okay, so everyone loves the iPad—and now your school is full of them. Now what? How do you teach with the device? Explain Everything is an iPad-friendly screencasting app (think of it as a personal recordable whiteboard) that, in addition to basic editing features (such as capturing user voice and handwriting, annotating images with handwriting, and sharing creations), also lets users crop images, insert live web pages, and add annotation effects such as arrows, laser pointers, and typed text. After you’ve finished recording your presentation, you can reorder your screens and then export your presentation in many ways (eMail, YouTube, Dropbox, or Evernote). https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/explain-everything/id431493086?mt=8