6. Flashnotes

What I wouldn’t give to have been able to sell the brilliant notes I took during class. Okay, who am I kidding? I would have paid for someone else’s notes … lots of notes. Flashnotes is the top marketplace where students can buy and sell high-quality, course-specific notes, flashcards, and videos made by other students to help study for a quiz. http://www.flashnotes.com/


7. FreshBrain

One of the best ways to get students interested in a topic is to provide meaningful projects centered around creation with technology. Freshbrain, a technology exploration platform for teens, allows students to do everything from build a Facebook app, to make a YouTube movie or even create a video game. In today’s job market, where creativity and tech-savviness are critical, this platform can give students a step in the right direction. http://www.freshbrain.org/

8. Knewton

This relatively new company aims to personalize content for learning by monitoring students’ activity and using this information to give students the best resources based on their level of performance. Knewton’s technology can cross-integrate among different disciplines, providing a more comprehensive set of resources that interact with each other. Knewton also grows more intuitive the more the student uses the software and can follow a student through his or her entire education career. http://www.knewton.com/