Benesse America Launches StraightAce English: Grammar and Vocabulary

Master Language Arts Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

NEW YORK, March 15, 2013—StraightAce Learning, a powerful system of study aids for middle school students, announces the launch of StraightAce English: Grammar and Vocabulary, a language arts tool created to make learning manageable and improve grades through engaging study. Completely aligned with Common Core State Standards, the system is available on personal computers and mobile devices, bringing clear, easy-to-follow lessons to students wherever they are. StraightAce Learning can be integrated into classroom instruction, and supplemented at home through student review.

The first installment in the English series enhances students’ skills in three core areas: grammar, language skills, and vocabulary. Within these core areas, students receive targeted practice to master skills appropriate for their grade level, supplementing middle school lessons with valuable content and fun features, such as trophies and rewards, to maintain interest.

“We want students to be successful, and that means giving them the tools to learn wherever they are and on any device available to them,” said Shigeki Matsuo, president of Benesse America. “Just 15 minutes a day studying with StraightAce is enough to show positive improvements in test scores, and encourages struggling students to succeed. Plus, the StraightAce Link dashboard gives teachers and parents the ability to monitor activity and help students achieve, building a strong academic foundation.”

StraightAce English: Grammar and Vocabulary has 1,500 questions aligned to Common Core State Standards that are easily integrated into classroom curriculum. The learning system is available on any Web-connected device, and the cloud-based system saves progress between devices for a seamless, mobile learning experience. For more information, to download the StraightAce app, or to begin using the Web version, visit Additionally, during 2013, StraightAce Learning will launch programs for writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

About Benesse America
Benesse America Inc. is the creator of StraightAce Learning, a supplemental learning program designed for middle school students. The educational learning platform transforms mobile devices and computers into powerful learning tools. The math and English programs align with Common Core State Standards and keep students on track, while providing engaging practice to reinforce classroom learning. Parents and teachers follow student progress through the innovative StraightAce Link online dashboard. Based in New York, Benesse America Inc. is the operating entity of the Benesse Group in the United States, which also is the parent company of Berlitz and ELS Language Centers. Benesse Holdings Inc. is the largest education company in Japan and third largest in the world, with over $5 billion in net sales. Visit us at

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