Winter Park, Fla. — March 13, 2013 — In a move to help its member districts fulfill the Florida Race to the Top requirement to implement a local instructional improvement system (LIIS), the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) has formed a partnership with Performance Matters™, a Winter Park-based provider of web-based data management, assessment, and teacher effectiveness systems. NEFEC is the third major Florida education consortium to partner with Performance Matters, joining the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium and the Heartland Educational Consortium in making the company’s assessment and data management system and the FASTe (Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness) platform available to their member districts.

To date, more than 50 percent of Florida school districts use the Performance Matters system, which helps educators improve student learning by providing an integrated solution for data-driven decision making, from the individual student level to the district level. Using intuitive, interactive dashboards and color-coded reports, educators can easily slice and dice data to monitor student performance and growth in real time, evaluate instructional impact, and analyze policies and programs.

A key component of the partnership is the connection of the Performance Matters platform to NEFEC’s extensive library of professional development resources. “The ‘single sign-on integration’ of our two systems will provide NEFEC members with a seamless way to measure the impact teachers are having on student learning, and then connect them to differentiated professional development resources to hone their craft and improve their performance,” said Woody Dillaha, co-founder and CEO of Performance Matters. “In addition to helping meet the LIIS requirements, this tighter integration of our two systems will enhance service levels and reduce the total cost of ownership for NEFEC’s member districts.”

“With its proven track record and as a designated partner of all Florida consortia, Performance Matters is the leader in using data to monitor and improve student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and overall district performance,” said Dr. Jim Surrency, NEFEC Executive Director. “Its FASTe platform in particular is an incredibly useful tool because it will link teachers directly to our extensive library of professional development resources, and point them to those that specifically relate to what needs to be addressed. It really does get to the heart of the LIIS requirement, and then some.”

About North East Florida Educational Consortium
NEFEC is a regional, non-profit, educational service agency established to provide cooperative services to member districts. With some 15 member districts, NEFEC helps members cooperatively meet their educational goals and objectives by providing programs and services that individual districts would not be able to provide as effectively or as economically when acting alone.

About Performance Matters
Performance Matters helps K-12 school systems improve student learning by providing comprehensive, integrated solutions for assessment, data management and teacher effectiveness. Performance Matters’ solutions are used by school districts across the country. For more information, visit or call 407-645-1800.

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