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• Free STEM education site gives educators a chance to discuss STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a low-key environment.
• Features include a forum, blogs, topic groups, photos, and a monthly featured member section.
• Members can share discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and invite friends to join directly from the site.
• Plans for upcoming events include live chats with education experts, quizzes, and contests.

(News Release) March 19, 2013 – Feeling lost amid the overwhelming amount of STEM education information out there? Tired of listening to all the high-tech hype? Need to bounce your ideas off someone who isn’t trying to sell you the latest classroom gadget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Defining STEM is for you.

The Defining STEM site offers educators a chance to discuss their views, fears, ideas, successes, and failures in a low-key atmosphere. Members can engage in meaningful STEM discussions via the forum or blogs or by joining any of the topic-specific groups. They can share photos, seek and give advice, or simply browse the site for inspiration. Discussions so far have ranged from “Surviving in a low-tech environment” to “Growing STEM Innovators” to “Shoebox full of fun for class.” Membership is free and members are encouraged to jump in to any discussion or start one of their own.

Share buttons allow for Tweeting, posting on Facebook and LinkedIn, and inviting friends directly from the site, and plans for live chats with education experts from the STEM fields, contests, and quizzes are also in the works.

You can also get in on the discussion by joining the DefiningSTEM group on LinkedIn at

Join us at Defining STEM and share your views and opinions on STEM education.

“I like reading the articles and posts by other teachers, administrators, and industry professionals. I encourage others to get involved and share ideas, pictures, and lessons.” – Matt Ross, IT teacher and Defining STEM member

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