PLANO, TEXAS – (March 19, 2013) – Recognizing that movement throughout the day can increase student attentiveness, Smith System broke the mold of static classroom seating with its new Flavors™ Noodle™ Chair. The Flavors Noodle Chair features a patented suspension that responds to and tilts with a student’s motions in all directions, enabling them to focus on lesson plans – not on furniture restrictions.

“Movement in the classroom is key to concentration, and often school furniture can resist or prohibit the flexibility a student needs to be comfortable and remain focused,” says Bill Risdall, vice president of marketing for Smith System. “The Flavors Noodle Chair is Smith System’s most responsive student chair to date, contributing to better posture, breathing and overall focus in the classroom.”

Studies prove that movements throughout the day expel excess energy and increase attention span and performance – especially for students with attention disorders – prompting some schools to adopt exercise balls as seating to achieve these benefits. The Flavors Noodle Chair is an advanced alternative to an exercise ball, offering all of the advantages but with added back support and stability as students engage their core muscles while shifting slightly to the back, front and both sides.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Smith System’s existing Flavors Seating product line, the Flavors Noodle Chair looks like an average classroom chair because the patented suspension is housed discretely under the seat pan. Additional comforts of the Flavors Noodle Chair include a seat pan with a waterfall front and prominent cutouts in the back so students can face all directions without moving the chair, which is ideal in collaborative learning environments.

“All students can benefit from the flexibility of the Flavors Noodle Chair,” says Risdall, “but if only a few students in a class have specific needs that require the chair, their seating blends in with the rest of the class. This allows students who can benefit most from this solution to be comfortable and successful in the classroom without the stigma of being different.”

The Flavors Noodle Chair is offered in three shell sizes (18-inch A Shell, 16-inch B Shell, 14-inch B Shell) and 17 colors to fit a variety of student sizes and interior design aesthetics. For more information about the Flavors Noodle Chair from Smith System, call (800) 328-1061 or visit

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