There are many distressing stories about high-stakes standardized tests, but this may be the most hideous I have heard, says Valerie Strauss for the Washington Post. This involves the issue of who must take state standardized tests, and whether parents have a right to opt out their children from the testing. In Florida, opting out is extremely hard to do. This post was written by veteran educator Marion Brady, who in 2011 introduced us to Rick Roach, the Orange County school board member who took a version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Roach is back in this post. Brady, a classroom teacher for years, has written history and world culture textbooks (Prentice-Hall), professional books, numerous nationally distributed columns (many are available here), and courses of study. His 2011 book, “What’s Worth Learning,” asks and answer this question: What knowledge is absolutely essential for every learner? His course of study for secondary-level students, called Connections: Investigating Reality, is free for downloading here. Brady’s website is

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