Synching, optimizing, and personalizing is known as configuration management and it’s a thriving technology business, says a writer for the Huffington Post. Tools like Puppet enable professional system administrators to automate the setup of server farms and user’s computers. Tools likes Apple’s Migration Assistant, Google Chrome Sign In, and Dropbox bring configuration management to ordinary mortals. Last week the New York Times published a great story on the issues around kids using their own tech gear in school. It’s a great idea to help with ever shrinking public school budgets but some educators are worried about tech support problems or the lack of research on personal devices and learning. Well, I have an excellent domain expert at home on the whole Bring Your Own Tech (BYOT) issue: My high school-aged son. My son’s high school lets you BYOT. And he has friends at a nearby high school where every student is given an iPad. I don’t know what the official analysis of these programs is but my son gave me the test subject’s perspective and embedded journalist’s analysis…

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