Pioneering Arts In Education Organization, Journey 360, Offers
STEM To The Art Power™ July 8 & 9 In Historic Granville, Ohio.

Journey 360, a new subsidiary of Granville Studio of Visual Arts, announces a two-day summer retreat for teachers in all grades and subjects focused on arts integration in the classroom. Making Connections Retreat: STEMA, STEM to the Art Power promises to use creativity and design as the catalyst for innovative teaching and learning. This is an intensive two-day professional development retreat and creative experience for inspired teachers wishing to hone their skills in quality integration design and instruction. The retreat programming will be conducted at Granville Studio of Visual Arts design lab and Skipping Rock Farm, both in historic Granville, Ohio. Teachers will leave renewed, motivated, and armed with creative courage to take their passion back to the classroom and engage students. No prior art experience is required. The cost is $499 per person with group discounts available. Details, registration and lodging information is available on the organization’s website at

STEMA, STEM to the Art Power. It’s More Than STEAM.

Popular in current discussion of STEM is “STEAM”, a term referring to art being inserted into the instruction of science, technology, engineering, and math. Journey 360 applauds the inclusion of art as a core focus in education, but advocates for developing teachers’ advanced understandings of how art actually integrates in an art-infused STEM curriculum adding to teachers’ knowledge and resources to take STEM to the art power. Nothing captures the mind like art.

“Teachers, regardless of art experience, can be empowered through art, creative thinking, and design thinking strategies to significantly improve student outcomes, subject comprehension and engagement” states Kerry Dixon, Journey 360 Co-Executive Director and Director of Teaching and Learning. “It’s more than STEAM. It’s about infusing STEM, and all subjects, with a new way of thinking about art.”
Journey 360 professional development positions teachers to help students construct and communicate understandings of the world through art experiences that can’t be conveyed in literal language. Art, when taught as an inquiry process, exponentially enhances students’ cognitive creative capacities and systems thinking abilities, while giving them another means to express the complexity of their thoughts.

For Inspired Teachers & Inspired Schools

Making Connections Retreat: STEMA, STEM to the Art Power is designed for STEM teachers, teachers in all subjects K-12, and teachers implementing common core state standards in addition to superintendents, principals and curricula directors. Attendees will experience connections between disciplines through recurring themes, exploration-based activities, explanation of integration models, curricular connections with common core and next generation science standards while developing their ability to teach visual literacy, process thinking and inquiry in their classroom.

About Journey 360

Journey 360, a subsidiary of five-year old Granville Studio of Visual Arts, is a non-profit arts and education organization in Columbus, Ohio with development and design lab in Granville, Ohio. Journey 360 provides schools with teacher professional development, arts integration curricula, workshops and arts integration consulting for creating breakthrough education experiences.

Journey 360 develops proprietary curricula for progressive learning integrating arts in education across all subjects especially science, technology, engineering and math. The organization is staffed with professional educators, artists, and researchers and it collaborates with educational institutions, teachers, artists, and communities. More information can be found at

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