At a time when effective visual communication is becoming more popular, award-winning creative software publisher, Serif, has launched a powerful new graphics studio for the classroom. DrawPlus X6 stretches the creative potential in every student and features easy-to-use tools for creating professional graphics, animations and multimedia projects across the K-12 curriculum.

DrawPlus X6 inspires students to present their work in creative and dynamic ways and is ideal for a diverse range of tasks including producing animated banners, logos, web graphics, flow charts, plus graphics for apps and professional packaging. It’s also a great program for developing infographics—the latest hot trend in visual communication. The program’s easy-to-use interface and cross-curricular tools also mean teachers can quickly integrate it into classroom lessons for students of all abilities.

“The new version of DrawPlus opens up huge possibilities for creative technology in schools through its powerful tools that introduce modern skills including design, animation, web graphics and multimedia,” says Colin Hussey, Head of Education Sales at Serif. “Pupils can also use the software to create infographics as a means of quickly and effectively communicating a message and presenting information to a selected audience. Infographics are being used increasingly in communications and are likely to become the leading format for presenting information in the future.

“It goes without saying that people like images; so the more pictures and graphics used to convey a message, the more engaging it becomes. DrawPlus provides the perfect platform for demonstrating this to pupils and encourages them to use pictures and graphics to replace and integrate with words where possible.”

Other great features of DrawPlus X6 include:

• Keyframe and stopframe animation – Produce both stopframe and keyframe animations with sound, video and interactivity. Students can also import Flash SWF files into the program to add looped characters and objects for more complex animations and multimedia projects.
• Powerful new drawing tools – Create intricate designs with new arc, spiral and triangle tools to quickly draw unique shapes to form the basis of more complex designs.
• Stencils – Paint over preset stencils or create original stencils from scratch to mock up textile prints or Banksy-style artwork.
• Interactive graphics – Create interactive web graphics for any device. Pupils can export optimized images with a HTML file containing tags for their buttons, ready to be pasted into the source code of a web page.
• Color palette creator – Auto-generate a palette of colors from an image and then use the range of colors in a document—ideal for creating a consistent house style for print or web graphics.
• Powerful photo-editing tools – When pupils create composite images, they can now apply high-end effects to photos within a drawing by linking directly to PhotoPlus or another bitmap editor.

Teachers looking for inspiration on how to use DrawPlus in the classroom can now benefit from Serif’s free online Teacher Resources. Packed with fresh new ideas to help engage pupils, the resources include informative fact files, worksheets and videos for both learners and teachers. View them on a desktop or tablet device at:

DrawPlus X6 is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista and XP. It is available to schools and colleges in US and Canada from just $21 per user, or as part of the Serif Design Suite, and site licenses starting from $999.

For further information on Serif’s Design Suite License pricing please call 1-800-489-6712 or email

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