Turkey meatballs, organic Greek yogurt, fair trade coffee. It sounds like the makings of a persnickety shopper’s grocery list. But it’s just one batch of fresh food that Maximus Thaler retrieved from a dumpster outside of a Massachusetts supermarket, the Huffington Post reports. According to the National Resources Defense Council, supermarkets throw away on average, $2,300 worth of out-of-date, but still consumable, food every night. It’s a wasteful practice Thaler hopes to put an end to by raising $1,500 to open a café that gives away discarded grub.

“We believe food is a fundamental right, and should be shared freely with all,” the Tufts University student wrote on his Kickstarter page.

The idea for the café was born from the Gleaners’ Kitchen, a cooperative living house at Tufts that the dumpster diver founded. He hopes to offer concerts, poetry readings, lectures and one meal a day for the hungry, according to his Kickstarter page…

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