New: Free social writing platform for teachers and students

For classroom management: Through a centralized platform that manages all the activity, resources, conversations, and projects in a classroom for keeping students and teachers organized.

For project-based learning: Wikispaces Classroom allows teachers to create projects, define teams, assign students and manage all through completion of their projects. Starting from built-in templates, or a blank slate, students can work in private groups until their work is due. Teachers can choose to set assignment start and end dates, or create long-running projects. At the end of a project a teacher or student can share the results with the rest of the class or parents and other participants.









For formative assessment: Real-time reporting lets teachers track student progress, revealing which students are succeeding, which are falling behind, and how much they are contributing to their projects. Teachers can literally watch as students type; look up reports on contributions to pages, discussions, and comments over time; and focus on particular students, projects, or view reports across the entire class.









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Meris Stansbury

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