Califone announces the launch of the first learning center that helps prevent student hearing loss

San Fernando, Calif. (May 1, 2013) – A long-time supporter of Better Hearing & Speech Month in May, Califone International, Inc. announces the launch of the Spirit & Sound Alert Learning Center (1776PLCG-06), the first learning center to help prevent student hearing loss by alerting students and teachers when the volume exceeds unsafe levels. The learning center combines the company’s Spirit (1776) multimedia player/recorder, six (2924AVG) headphones and a Sound Alert (1285G) jackbox into a ready-to-order system.

The innovation for helping prevent student hearing loss lies with the Sound Alert jackbox. When audio is played through the 10-position jackbox, one of its two LEDs on top of the jackbox will be illuminated. The green light indicates a “safe” volume that’s lower than 85 decibels. The red light denotes an “unsafe” volume that exceeds 85 decibels, warning students and teachers the potential for hearing loss exists.

The Sound Alert jackbox functions as a traditional audio hub for connected headphones without power, but its warning system will not alert students about dangerous volume levels. The Centers for Disease Control, American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) all agree that volume above 85 decibels can be potentially dangerous and cause partial or permanent hearing loss.

Hearing plays a significant role in a child’s educational, psychological and social development. Research shows that the prevalence of any hearing loss among U.S. teens is up 30 percent—more than 70 percent when just mild or worse cases are considered. Hearing specialists, teachers and parents have also expressed concerns about the rapid increase in partial and permanent hearing loss in school-aged children. A 2011 online poll released by Califone reported a combined 84 percent of respondents were in favor of using technology to help prevent hearing loss.

Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed concern with adolescent hearing loss, and the 2013 Mindset List produced by Beloit College also acknowledged the subject of hearing loss. Since 2007, Califone has partnered with ASHA and its “Listen to Your Buds” campaign to spread awareness of the dangers of hearing loss. The campaign seeks to promote a greater understanding of hearing loss and ways to prevent it in younger school-aged children. Califone support for this campaign includes Better Hearing & Speech Month and Buds in the Schools.

Califone will continue to introduce an industry-leading number of products with 85db warning or volume restriction in support of hearing safety in schools. The Spirit & Sound Alert Learning Center is offered at a special introductory price through participating dealers until Aug. 2, 2013.

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Califone was founded in 1947 and continues to be a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, presentation and professional markets. The company offers a complete line of audio solutions, wireless systems and multimedia products for small, medium and large presentation needs. Califone serves millions of educators and students in the PreK through higher education school environments, and has expanded to serve business and industry, houses of worship, parks and recreation, and other presentation markets as well.

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