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• Pitsco develops miniSystems to increase learning potential of National Instrument’s low-cost data-acquisition tool, myDAQ.
• MiniSystems provide learning experiences in data analysis and LabVIEW software, a standard engineering language useful for students interested in pursuing engineering.

News Release, May 1, 2013 – A complete and functional closed-loop system that encourages high school and college students to experiment arrives with a down-to-earth price tag.

National Instruments created the myDAQ data-acquisition hardware to provide an affordable way for students to measure and analyze scientific data. MiniSystems, which connect to a myDAQ and use LabVIEW for Education software, are small models of real-world closed-loop systems. These provide students with realistic simulations that can be achieved in the classroom or even at home without expensive lab equipment.

For the high school level, Pitsco offers myTemp, a multisensory temperature measurement and control system, and myQuake, a motion system with an accelerometer to test design of buildings in earthquake scenarios. For college level, Pitsco’s myVTOL helps to teach flight control. Each miniSystem has curriculum – sold separately – developed by an engineer who teaches college-level engineering.

• “The definition of a miniSystem is just that – it’s supposed to be a small miniature model of a real-world system, of a closed loop system,” said Paul Uttley, Pitsco R&D manager.

• “Educators are recognizing the need for hands-on teaching solutions to keep students engaged by actually doing engineering. Through the use of NI myDAQ and miniSystems, students begin to see the real-world application of the concepts being taught,” said Dave Wilson, National Instruments Director of Academic Marketing

• “MiniSystems familiarize students with data analysis – the beginnings of it. It goes beyond graphing a line, but it’s real-world analysis,” said Bill Holden, Pitsco product development specialist.

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