INDIANAPOLIS (May 7, 2013) – Standard for Success, an online, fully customizable educator evaluation and management platform, announces the addition of two clients to its growing roster.

West Clark Community Schools in Sellersburg, Ind., and Perry Central Community Schools in Leopold, Ind., have signed agreements for Standard for Success to facilitate teacher evaluation services.

“The word is spreading about our unique solution that makes evaluations meaningful,” said Todd Whitlock, co-founder of Standard for Success, which serves nearly 60 school districts in Indiana. “District administrators, school leaders and teachers see the value in the reduction of paperwork through our online, comprehensive system which emphasizes more time for effective instruction in the classroom.”

West Clark Community Schools consists of nine schools, including Silver Creek and Borden high schools, in Clark County. Perry Central Community Schools, which has two schools, is located in Perry County.

“Standard for Success will be a meaningful tool for communicating with teachers so that we can work together to improve education for students,” said Jackie Wright, technology director at Perry Central Community Schools. “We love the many functions and options that are available.”

With its easy-to-use interface, Standard for Success’ program allows for real-time evaluation of teachers while easing the burden on administrators through its diverse management features and archives. Teachers can chart professional development goals and district leadership can view school- and district-wide summaries and drill down for specifics on particular groups – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Standard for Success was created by practicing teachers and administrators to make the cumbersome process of evaluations easier and less time consuming for both the evaluator and the one being evaluated. The building administrator and teacher are connected through the online management portal allowing for continuous monitoring and development of effective teaching strategies. The district office can compile evaluation results for the entire school district for data based decision making.

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About Standard for Success
Created by educators for educators, Standard for Success is a fully customizable online staff evaluation and management program for teachers, building administrators and district-level leadership. Standard for Success, which was created by a joint venture of EdTechZone and the maker of QuestionPress Online Classroom Response Systems, features 24/7 access, self-evaluations, uploading artifacts and supporting evidence capability, archives, mobility for walk-throughs, automatic timestamps during scripting, drill-down capabilities for specific data on certain groups, and summaries and comparisons. Standard for Success is used by more than 50 school districts in Indiana and is endorsed by the Indiana Association of School Principals. For more information visit

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