BETHESDA, MD (May 8, 2013) – Dig-It! Games, an independent developer of educational, interactive learning games, has received top honors from, Academics’ Choice, ComputED Gazette, The National Parenting Center, and Parents’ Choice Foundation for its latest game, Mayan Mysteries. The accolades, which also include two nominations from The Association of Educational Publishers, were awarded based on votes and ratings from the general public, parents, educators, and industry professionals.

“Dig-It! Games is committed to providing children, parents, and teachers with engaging and interactive educational gaming experiences, and these acknowledgements confirm that we are delivering on that promise,” said Suzi Wilczynski, founder and president of Dig-It! Games. “We are thrilled that Mayan Mysteries has achieved such recognition for seamlessly blending fun and learning inside and outside of the classroom.” Readers’ Choice Award
Mayan Mysteries was named the Best Educational Software Program in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards’ inaugural Secondary Education category for its demonstrated ease-of-use and effectiveness when developing lessons for students in grades 5 and above.

“As a former middle-school teacher, I recognize the importance of providing secondary education students with the right type of instructional tools,” said Wilczynski. “Our games are specifically designed for this demographic, a group we feel is strongly underserved in the educational technology space; so this honor is especially validating in our quest to provide proper educational resources to these children.”

Mayan Mysteries, which incorporates detailed, factual information about the Maya, rivaled three competitive products to earn more than 90 percent of votes in the Best Educational Software Program category.

Academics’ Choice Award
Academics’ Choice, which helps parents and educators validate products as genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, issued its Mind Spring award to Mayan Mysteries Classroom Edition through a critical testing period by a review team and academic advisory board.

With a powerful Teacher Management System (TMS), Mayan Mysteries Classroom Edition enables teachers to follow individual and class progress and performance on standards-based, built-in assessments targeted for each grade level. The game also meets the needs of National Education Standards with content that aligns to the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics.

ComputED Gazette BESSIE Award
The ComputED Gazette, a nearly 20 year-old online educational resource for school administrators and teachers, identified Mayan Mysteries as a winner in its 2013 Best Educational Software (BESSIE) Awards in the category of Middle-School Language Arts Website.

“Mayan Mysteries is a wonderful example of how thematic learning can be,” said ComputED Gazette’s accompanying review of the game in its award issue. “[There] is a healthy dose of relevant information about archaeology – but the skill most effectively exercised is reading comprehension. And reading comprehension is the gateway skill for all other disciplines.”

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Established to provide parents with comprehensive, responsible advice on products and services marketed to parents and children, The National Parenting Center awarded its Seal of Approval to Mayan Mysteries for the Spring 2013 testing period.

The National Parenting Center, which closely examines products over a rigorous 10-week examination span, gave high praise to Mayan Mysteries for its educational and recreational value in its review:

“So much of this is based on actual findings and Dig-It! Games provides very specific data about actual excavations and architecture using terrific renderings. Parents noted that their children eagerly gobbled up and retained information about the geography of the Mayan Empire and things like its famous calendar because they did not feel like they were being force fed dry facts and figures.”

Parents’ Choice Foundation Recommendation
The nation’s oldest non-profit guide to quality children’s media and toys, Parents’ Choice Foundation selected Mayan Mysteries as a Recommended Online Video Game for Spring 2013.

“There’s some real educational value and fun packed into the game,” said Parents’ Choice’s Don Oldenburg, a former writer and consumer columnist at The Washington Post. “There’s also rewarding click-and-learn information about everything from archaeological excavation to artifact robbers.”

With more than 300 challenges and 12 hours of game play, Mayan Mysteries combines an in-depth study of the Maya civilization with fun activities that seamlessly incorporate educational value. The game tests reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, spatial reasoning, and science and math skills, all within a fun virtual adventure. Mayan Mysteries is a true educational learning tool, with game content aligned with the Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, in addition to the National Council for Social Studies Curriculum Standards.

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