Pierson also explains how education is beset by fads, but there are some basic truths; for instance, if a child isn’t present, he or she can’t learn. She also believes that teachers who fail should be fired.

“It takes guts to hold students and teachers accountable,” she says.


Pierson also says that teachers, schools, and parents shouldn’t  push every child to go to college, because it will make them feel worthless if they don’t.

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Pierson’s TED talk was featured in the TED Talks Education one-hour program on May 7 on PBS, which brought together a diverse group of teachers and education advocates delivering short, high-impact talks on the theme of teaching and learning.

These original TED Talks are given by thought leaders including Geoffrey Canada, Bill Gates, and Sir Ken Robinson. TED Talks Education is part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate initiative. (See all speakers and performers.)

Watch this video created for Teacher Appreciation that also discusses what makes a good teacher: