10 ed-tech tools of the 70s, 80s, and 90s

[Listed in chronological order of date created]

1. Overhead projectors (early 1960s): When a teacher used to roll out the massive overhead projector, it was almost like watching a movie in class! It was always a special day when the lights went down and then something magical would happen: the teacher would use transparencies. You mean you can just wipe off the marker?! These were crazy times.

2. Cassette recorders (early ‘70s-late ‘90s): Now there are free apps that can record just about anything. But when we had an oral exam, or really needed to prove our foreign language competency, out came the cassette recorders. Just remember-if you mess up the tape, you can always use a pencil to roll the film back in place!

Meris Stansbury

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