How teachers use Pinterest in the classroom

Melissa Dillard, a first grade teacher at Protsman Elementary School in Indiana’s Lake Central School Corporation, uses Pinterest in the classroom to organize and find ideas for monthly and themed activities, as well as for curriculum resources and parent communication.

“It’s a teacher’s best friend—I go straight to Pinterest and do a search,” Dillard said of the site’s education potential. Dillard also uses Pinterest to let her students vote on class activities: she’ll pin several versions of an idea and lets students look at all the options and vote on which one they’d each like to do.

Because her first grade students can’t sit still for too long without fidgeting, Dillard created a “Brain Break” board to help her with classroom management. Each Brain Break is a short physical activity, such as dancing or a movement game, designed to help her students burn off some energy and approach their next lesson with fresh concentration.

Using Pinterest in the classroom, teachers also can share their own projects and visuals by taking pictures, posting those pictures online in a blog or other platform, and pinning those images to their own Pinterest boards.

Users can search for educational resources and a slew of Pinterest boards and pins will pop up:


Laura Ascione

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