Name: Mayan Mysteries

What is it? Put your puzzle skills to the test as you travel through history and uncover the adventure of Mayan Mysteries—winner of five different industry awards. Explore the mysterious world of the ancient Maya and learn about its remarkable civilization. Visit ancient Maya cities and sites; uncover and analyze artifacts; decode glyphs; explore the mysterious Maya calendar; learn the intriguing Maya math system; and solve puzzles and gather clues to track down a secretive thief.

Best for: Children grades 5-9.

Price: $9.99

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Rated: 9+


  • Over 12 hours of game play
  • Detailed factual information about the Maya contributed by world-renowned Maya expert Robert J. Sharer
  • Activities that test reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, science and math skills
  • National Council for the Social Studies Standards content
  • Access to exclusive Dig-It! Games club benefits, including global score rankings
  • There is no violence or graphic images in Mayan Mysteries, but some younger children may be disturbed by the concepts discussed, such as warfare and sacrifices.


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Meris Stansbury

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