Here’s how to scale school innovation

While Frankel noted that technology is “by no means a silver bullet or a panacea,” he described how he believes technology can transform instruction.

“The potential is actually not about the technology,” he said. “It’s about the learning environment that technology enables. … It has a way of transforming these classrooms, so that you can personalize learning in a way that’s never been possible before.”

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As noted on the Digital Promise website, Frankel outlined three challenges to scaling innovation throughout education and included suggestions to overcome them:

  • Research into the efficacy of education technology is scarce and we need to adopt the faster, nimbler R&D methods common at companies like Google or Amazon.
  • To create a more efficient ed-tech market we need to give districts—the buyers—more information on what’s available to them.
  • Implementation of education technology can make or break its success so we need to focus more on training teachers and providing broadband.

As Frankel said, Digital Promise aims to overcome those challenges through efforts such as the League of Innovative Schools.

Meris Stansbury

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