Five tech-savvy schools that focus on ed-tech

Students observe and participate in the Radians robotics competition.

5. Radians School of Math, Science, and Technology, Cayey, Puerto Rico
Luis G. Sanchez, Principal

Students are required to have laptops beginning in 6th grade. The school uses the Moodle platform to enrich the on-site courses. Interactive SMART Boards are available in almost all rooms, and the school maintains a “SmartRoom” for those classrooms without a board. SuccessMaker for math and English lets students to progress at their own pace. Preschool students use iPads to practice motor and cognitive skills. A school-wide robotics program uses MindStorm for elementary school and VEX for secondary students. Students are trained in Google Sketch-Up and they produce designs for use in class. The school implemented ERCSA (Experimental Research Center for Sustainable Agriculture), a completely solar-powered agricultural project that addresses agricultural concerns.

Students of this generation must be engaged in technology, because that is what surrounds them in their daily lives. By using ed-tech to enhance and enrich the learning experience, we find that students produce work of a much higher quality. They are also motivated to work in school because the classroom becomes a dynamic center of learning.

The use of technology has streamlined our administrative work tremendously. Our school uses PowerSchool to maintain grades. Teachers maintain websites to inform parents, and students can access their homework through these teacher pages, as well as work via the Moodle platform.

If you cannot start big, start small and continue to grow little by little. Establish clear-cut goals and accomplish these step by step. Also, it is absolutely vital to emphasize character education, especially as pertains to the use of technology.

Laura Ascione

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