School Specialty Takes a Stand Against Bullying with ‘Raising Respect’

Planner program addresses bullying before it becomes an issue

GREENVILLE, Wis. (May 30, 2013) – As bullying takes on new forms in schools, teachers and administrators are looking for ways to prevent a conflict before it starts. School Specialty, Inc. (OTCQB:SCHSQ), a leading K-12 education company with the broadest array of products in the education market, announces Raising Respect, a planner program that provides actionable tips to identify, intervene and address bullying in and out of school. The program is being developed through the company’s Premier brand.

“With Raising Respect, the entire education community can work together to avoid the consequences of bullying and its impact on learning, lives and futures,” said Andreas Kaufmann, vice president of marketing for Premier. “This program enables students, educators and families to create a secure climate of achievement, and a place where every student can learn in safety, empathy and belonging.”

Benefits of the program include:

  • Provides inclusive materials and solutions
  • Promotes Common Core State Standards skills
  • Bolsters academic achievement
  • Increases parental involvement
  • Builds individual accountability
  • Encourages positive social-emotional principles
  • Raises college and career readiness
  • Supplies instructional strategies
  • Strengthens home-to-school connections

“Raising Respect highlights the severity of bullying and provides comprehensive resources to address the issue,” said Kaufmann. “The program empowers students to make safe choices, develop positive peer relations and prevent bullying using self-management, problem-solving and communication strategies.”

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